Mr. and Mrs. Geek Speak #2

14 Aug

Hey there fellow Geeks and welcome to our second Mr. and Mrs. Geek Speak podcast!

 photo GeekSpeak_zpsaf1a2e05.jpg

Thanks to everyone who joined us last week and listened to our first podcast! We had a great turnout and lots of positive feedback. This podcast was not as easily put together as the first one but we’re happy to have it completed and posted to share!

Feel free to tune in and check out any links here in this post. And if you have questions or suggestions for next week’s topic, feel free to email us at or comment below.


Lots of geeky goodness in the news this past week or so. First off, we have a new Doctor! Peter Capaldi has taken on the role as the 12th Doctor in the long running British TV series, Doctor Who. Good luck Peter Capaldi! This sparked Mr. Geek’s interest in watching Doctor Who so we started with Doctor #9! Also, check out this cool feature on Google Maps that cropped up yesterday. You can explore the TARDIS!

Lindsey Stirling has a new medley video out! And it’s of our FAVORITE childhood movie, Star Wars! Check it out! We thought this was a fitting homage to not only the movies and the beautiful score written by John Williams but also a nice nod to the big geek fans of Star Wars, both past and present.

We do love Lindsey and all her musical endeavors. We’ve ben lucky enough to meet her twice at her shows and even Little Geek had the chance recently. we wish her luck as she travels the world sharing her exuberance for geek culture and music.
 photo null_zps685c6c5f.jpg
A big TA-DA moment for me. I finished my very first video game!!! I started Bioshock towards the end of 2012 and officially completed it on the easy setting this past weekend. It was a huge milestone for me and I was very proud! And so was Mr. Geek even if I did drive him a bit nuts with my awful game play :)


We give you a little update on our Up Bands and how I use it to motivate me to move more. Is a fitness monitor something that can aid you in becoming your most healthy and fit? Even for Mr. Geek, someone trying to gain, a fitness monitor helps him keep track of his steps and helps him know when to fit in an extra meal because he’s been on the go.


Fall is around the corner and that means school is creeping back! Are your kids excited? What are you most looking forward to for the coming school year? We talk about our excitement, and Little Geek’s, as we get closer to the start of September.

 photo null_zps6c22c34d.jpg;

Is your family ready for football season? We are! Even me! We talk a little about the upcoming season and some of Mr. Geeks travel plans to see a few live Packer games this year. We’ll have a guest from Between The Lines on to talk sports and pop culture with us.

2 Responses to “Mr. and Mrs. Geek Speak #2”

  1. Lisa August 15, 2013 at 12:49 pm #

    I’ve never seen an episode of Dr. Who……thanks for filling me in =)

    • Mrs. Geek August 15, 2013 at 12:53 pm #

      Definitely worth a viewing, Lisa. Lots of fun, lots of heart, and some great action and storylines!

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