Geekery: Comic Books Galore!

30 Jan

Recently, Mr. Geek and I went through a comic book shopping extravaganza! Starting right before the holidays, we began stocking up on titles we’ve loved and new ones we’ve discovered. It’s taken us from our favorite comic book stores to a new place to visit and everything in between. Our comic book collection has grown and it looking pretty healthy these days.

We decided to have a family day out and visit a newly opened Phat Collectables near our city. Neither of us had been before but we were curious what it carried. And it was overwhelming to say the least. They sell many items in the geek lexicon from life sized statues to graphic novels, to individual editions comics (some even signed) to toys and smaller figurines. It was like Nerd Heaven.

 photo 41E94D54-03D3-4717-B51C-AA7F8A9DD2F4_zpsogkfvxnz.jpg
After talking, Mr. Geek decided to pick up a few Spawn:Origins graphic novels while I beefed up my Batman collection with a title or two from my master reading list. I also picked up the Harley Quinn #0. We trekked home with our booty and settled in to read. The best part about this visit was that Mr. Geek’s purchase of 6 volumes of Spawn: Origins made us get ahold of a copy of the movie from the 90’s and watch it. We were pleasantly surprised at how well it held up some 20 years later.

Then, while on a business visit to a client, Mr. Geek noticed a great comic book store in Pasadena with a large children’s section. It’s one fault of most comic book stores, they cater to the adult comic book fans and there is A LOT little eyes shouldn’t see. But this store has a great kid’s section and Mr. Geek discovered Super Dinosaur for Little Geek. If you have a little geek who LOVES robots and dinosaurs, this is a great book. And it’s a great read for adults too so that your bedtime story isn’t painfully dull. I highly recommend this for both boys and girls and adults.

 photo IMG_0620_zps8cf874e2.jpeg

Over the holidays (yay Christmas!) Mr. Geek lovingly bestowed upon me two LARGE Doctor Who omnibus graphic novels. I’m started working my way through the first one and it’s awesome. I love having something extra beyond just the TV show to bite into while I’m in between episodes. If you are a Whovian and love the show, I’d highly suggest grabbing these and adding them to your fandom collection.

 photo 1f7332b7-7b2e-4668-a8de-a2ea0d8aed6c_zpsf54532c3.jpg

Along with my comic book gifted goodness, we gave Little Geek the second installment of the Mermin series, Mermin: The Big Catch. Again, this is another great kid-friendly comic book series that both Little Geek and I enjoy together. Once we finished reading volume 1 through, Little Geek carried it around with him like a trophy and flipped through it when ever he could. That book was well loved and he hope the same will happen with this second volume.

A lot of reading will be happening this year as we settle in with our new books and series. Here is to a lot of great stories and characters in 2014!

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